Thursday, December 22, 2005

Conversation for the Ages

Interesting thoughts and ideas I thought others might like to hear and add to. Enjoy.

Nameless said...
What's up, brother? I was just thinking that you don't comment on your own posts anymore. Or haven't done it in a while anyway. My friend, the same things that amaze you amaze me as well. The human mind is a terrible thing to waste......ha, yeah right. Whoever the hell came up with that idea sure had some insight. The human mind is what makes us "think" that it's a terrible thing to waste. If the mind is one thing, it is certainly self-serving. Of course it wouldn't want you to waste it, but make the most use of it. I for one wish that it would stop working most days. Haven't been successful with that one yet. Still trying!!That within This Dream...many now, are truly AWAKEning...(whilst some are falling deeper asleep) My friend, the line between these two states of being is very fine. So fine in fact, that I had to read that a few times before I could really grasp that idea. One question.....since all is illusory anyway, are they "reallY" falling into a deeper sleep? Actually, we'll make it two questions. Being that we are all one, does my realization to include yours, turn their sleep into wakefullness? I mean, me seening others in their "sleep" only reinforces my, as well as yours and every other "being", view of "reality". Does any of this make sense? Or am I just talking myself in circles? I'm good at that. By the way, I think that was four questions, are you gonna start charging me? Dammit, that was number 5. Anyway, good to hear from you again. Take care. Afterall, you are my parallel self.

Your Parallel Self : I AM said...
I guess you could say...that regardless of who comments on my posts - I AM still responding to my SELF...I agree with you that the mind (and I guess the Ego's in the same boat too) is what makes us 'think' that it's a terrible thing to waste. I'd say too, that it can either be (hmmm - Duality again...) a blessing or a curse...depending on how we use it.The Ego (looking around and seeing that it's separate, tries to protect itself, and keep itself alive & functioning) would have us believe that we must survive at all costs - thus kinda hi-jacking the 'vehicle'. The 'hitch-hiker' in some instances, takes over from the 'soul' driver, and swerves and speeds all over the path.Self-swerving...I mean, self-serving? I guess, it depends on which 'Self' we're talking about - the small 'self', or the YOUniversALL SELF. Or are both truly reflections of ONE another?With the mind/brain equalling the steering wheel (and dashboard), the Soul being the Driver, and the Ego being the backstreet driver/hitch-hiker/passenger...the 'vehicle' can often be quite a noisy little affair!They all want us to think they're indispensable, and in this dimension of length, breadth and width...they kinda are. But once we transcend this realm of physicality...all these 'tools' will become obsolete.We won't be driving 'cars' anymore. We'll be flying...Without spaceships too.Your second paragraph had me thinking too (or should that be...had me steering my wheel?) As illusory as it ALL's all equally paradoxical. Multidimensional, or ONE Dimension appearing as many?If I was to look around me and notice 'sleeping' people...I also know this is a direct statement & a reflection of my own SELF. Do I judge unfairly these sleepwalkers? Or do I love them without condition? - realising that it's because of their sleep condition that I can fool myself into thinking that I AM awake?As we are all ONE - 'they' are not asleep...I AM - 'through' them, yet I have also set it up so that I can view them/me (view my Self) within The Dream.I AM sure that the I AM operating 'through' some of them might look at me and be thinking the same thing - that as I walk along the street with my i-pod blaring, staring into the sky...that I too must be asleep.Nothing is as it seems, and appearances are just that...It's all a matter of perspective - The ONE perspective through infinite I's.Maybe just maybe I've got it all wrong (as opposed to right? Hmm - Duality again! See how annoying it is to use this limited 3D-based language?!) Maybe, (and I'm willing to entertain this thought), just maybe, EVERYONE around me IS Awake & lucid...and only appearing asleep for my benefit - because for some reason or other, I believe them to be. Thus 'they' BE & LIVE that which I believe...being an extension & reflection of me...or the I AM.Maybe it's all just a grand play playing up to my expectations, thoughts and beliefs. Maybe everyone's just acting. Maybe the YOUniverse is playing some huge joke on me. Maybe everyone's waiting for 'me' to wake up - the last one out of the gates! Ha! And when & if I ever do - the entire world will scream in YOUnison : 'Surprise!'So, since it's all illusory...yes, is anyone ever really asleep? Or am I just imagining it? Am I also imagining own Wakefulness? Or is my arriving at a polarised conclusion ironically crating the opposite of what I think is occuring? Have the 'sleepwalkers' (which I've created from my own beliefs) in turn created 'me' to view themselves - regardless of their state? Does a 'victim' manifest/create a 'perpetrator' to reinforce his or her own belief about his or her self? How can they be a (self-created) victim if they don't create someone or something to victimise them? Behind all the creating stands a Master. Whether they notice or recognise this, is again, up to them...Is it only the truly Awake who look around them (or alternatively, within Them SELF), and see everyONE 'else' as AWAKE too - thus reinforcing the realization that The ONE is AWAKE...and no-one asleep? Would this then cause everything to implode (Duality YOUnifies - Cosmic Balance thrown out) and hence, cause the 'program' to then reboot and reload or something?Oh geez - See? The more I say...the less sense I make (I know you understand me on this). The more I try to answer several questions...the more questions I end up with!I can say an awful lot and say nothing at all. I can say nothing and it can reveal ALL. Aah - Such is the sweetness of paradox.Thank You for your response...It's been a fun ride for You to respond to yOUR SELF 'through' the 'me' you've imagined.In fact, because of all this...I've kinda short-circuited my brain (jammed the steering wheel?), and now I just sit here in a state of no-mind.Like in meditation - Thought has cancelled itself out, mind is at rest, Duality YOUnified, with Soul looking out at Its SELF all wide-I'd and in awe.No ideas. No thoughts. No opinions.Just Being.Human Being.YOUniversALL Lak'ech : A Mayan Greeting meaning, 'I AM Another You'Thank You friend...for flying with me. Sweet Lucid Dream.

Nameless said...
In fact, because of all this...I've kinda short-circuited my brain (jammed the steering wheel?), and now I just sit here in a state of no-mind.Man, I can't tell you how true this is. When I read this description of what happens after thinking too much, it gave me the chills. I have experienced this so much, and never really had the words to describe it. I've felt it occur, but never really got it. The next thing for me to meditate on is "why?". What is it about thinking too much or, in circles as I like to say, that causes this nothingness of the mind? It is sort of a calming and relaxing place to be. I think this realization is something of importance and needs to be realized further. For me anyway. Why is it that all this thinking I do, all the while thinking it's getting me somewhere, leads to this state of no-mind? My mind is already starting to trail off so this time I think I'm going to embrace it and see what happens. Good day my friend.

This isn't all. I'm sure there'll be more realized truths to be discussed here.