Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Have a mind that is open to everything
and attached to nothing -Dr. Wayne Dyer

This is secret number one in Wayne Dyers "10 secrets for success and inner peace". Secret number one is quite a concept if, in fact, you can fully grasp it. I know from personal experience that every time I have become attached to some idea or physical thing, more so the ideas, I have put my foot in my mouth. Who's to say that my ideas are any more real than yours or anyone elses? I humbly look back over the past few years, and every time I entered a new phase of my growth there was some sort of idea or thing that I became deathly attached to. Needless to say, it lead to complete anguish and, more or less, self destruction. First thought is to be embarrassed of those situations. But deeper thought allows me to laugh about it and realize that it was completely neccessary for my development.

Grasping the principle is one thing, and living it is a totally different ball game. Ego immediately jumps in and wants to tell me how others are so wrong. "Well, catholics and their baptisms are crazy." "Christians, in general, and their hardcore following of the old testament are way off course." Then it dawns on me. To them my ideas seem just a ridiculous. We are all living a path. Some are more bumpy than others. Some take a detour, and some a straight shot. But they are all headed toward the same thing. No matter what name you want to give it, or how you wish to believe it to be once you get there. Despite the road we choose, it's going to feel the same to every single one of us.

Let me take a detour here for a minute. I intentionally say "live" the path, rather than walk or travel. For most of my life, on and off like a yo-yo diet, I have tried to walk the path. And on the way I missed every rest stop, and every single bit of beautiful scenery the path has to offer. By living the path, we make the path a part of us. We become one with it. And in being aware of the path and all of its surroundings, I believe, is where we find ourselves and whom we truly are. If I am one with this universe and everything in it, how could I fail to realize myself if I'm experiencing the path?

Let me jump back on the "path", if you will. Set aside spiritual beliefs and ideas for a moment, and view this principle from all other areas of life. Am I attached to my judgements of people, and places? My answer is yes. Am I attached to my judgements of myself? That's another yes. How can I rid myself of judgement altogether if I have not yet realized the judgement in the first place? I think if you were to ask most people if they knew what their judgement of thier self was, they wouldn't know off the top of their head. And after deeper thought, they would realized these judgements, all of them, weren't theirs in the first place. They were projected onto them from others. Our awareness of ourselves is so lacking that we didn't even know "our" judgements and ideas about everything, weren't even our own. Which brings me back to open mindedness.

Staying open minded to everything is really all I can do. The minute I become attached to something that probably wasn't mine in the first place, I've begun to just "walk" the path again. I put the blinders on and I miss out on everything that is. Life is meant to be lived, not survived.